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Blanche Dumas and Juan Baptista: the 19th Century couple with four Reproductive Organs (PHOTO)

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Man with Two Reproductive Organs

Man with Two Reproductive Organs

In the second half of the 1800, a woman called Blanche Dumas became famous for a medical condition that baffled most doctors at the time: she had a third leg that gave her a wide waist. That wide waist contained two bladders, two bowels and two vaginas, writes Hypervocal.

As a result, her sexual drive was remarkably high and could best be satisfied by a man who could practice sexual intercourse with both vaginas.

Dumas found the man with the voracious sexual appetite during her stay in Paris. His name was Juan Baptista dos Santos and was originally from Portugal. He too had a third leg and he would tie it to his thigh to avoid tripping over. But Baptista was also endowed with a second penis.  So when the two met, it came natural to them to get in a relationship.

The affair Baptista and Dumas had was “well-publicized” in 19th century tabloids and their sex drive was twice as ferocious as that of a couple with a normal set of reproductive organs. According to a report publised in 1865, Baptista “used both penises during intercourse and, after finishing with one, he would continue with the other.

Baptista suffered from penile duplication a condition that affects one in 5.5 million men in the United States. Dumas, instead, suffered from a condition known as Uterus Didelphysa condition which is said to affect one in every 3000 women.

Dumas and Dos Santos

Dumas and Dos Santos


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