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Who is the mysterious girl who wore nothing but a smile on Austrian underground?

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NEW YORK – Early morning on a underground train, when a woman who was wearing nothing but a pair of boots and smile appeared brightening up everyone’s day. The woman got on the train at Kardinal-Nagl-Platz station and stood in the middle of the train for a few stops.

The hunting began, CCTV cameras have footage of the mysterious woman, who got named the Vienna Venus. The photo of the woman has been published on many newspaper and she even received lots of offers even for a photoshoot in case someone identify her.

This is what a witness said, as it has been reported by Austrian Times: ‘I couldn’t believe it when she stepped on the train and when some people grabbed their mobile telephones and started taking pictures she didn’t object. In fact she even seemed to be posing for the camera.’


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