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Monkey snapped wandering around Toronto Ikea parking lot

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Monkey Ikea Canada

A monkey wearing a coat and diapers was seen roaming around an Ikea store in Toronto on Sunday afternoon. According to CBC, the monkey managed to sneak out of its owners’ car who were shopping in the store. The monkey was seen trodding along the store’s parking lot around 3 p.m.. It was spotted for the first time by a shopper who told CBS News:

It was the weirdest thing. I thought I was going insane.

The monkey appeared to be scared and started monkey-screaming at as it “skittered across the parking lot”. It spent an hour inside the store before its owners came forward to claim the animal. The owners, however, won’t be getting the Rhesus Macaque Monkey back and have been charged $240 for having a prohibited animal.

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