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Mona Lisa

Skeleton of Mona Lisa’s model found near Florence

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Italian arachaelogists have unearthed the skeleton of Lisa Gherardini, the woman whose smile is believed to be the one millions of tourists pay visit to in The Louvre in Paris. Lisa Gherardini is thought to be the model for Leonardo Da Vinci‘s masterpiece the Mona Lisa and her body was found near Florence’s convent of Sant’Orsola.

From The Huffington Post:

Experts believed Mona Lisa’s identity was discovered after notes from 1503 were discovered in the margin of a book in which an acquaintance of Leonardo da Vinci wrote that Leonardo was currently working on a portrait of Lisa Gherardini. 16th century art historian Giorgio Vasari was another reliable source to identify Gherardini as the model, writing about it in his “Lives Of Artists.”

Many of Ghiraldini’s family members told media sources the search for Lisa’s remains was a ‘sacrilegious act.’ But that won’t stop reaserchers. The bones will be examined by the Department for the Conservation of Cultural Property to determine if they belong to the model for the Mona Lisa.

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