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Man Assaults Neighbor With Pressure Washer and cuts his skin (VIDEO)

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AKRON, UNITED STATES – A man has been found guilty of assaulting his neighbour with a power washer. The row started when Kenneth Grether got annoyed at Heatherly spraying dirty water on his plants using a high-powered washer to clean a grill. Kenneth Grether is deaf and mute, so to get Heatherly‘s attention he started to spray water through his fence. Heatherly‘s response was to poke the pressure hose through a 5-foot wooden fence and unloading way more water. The result was that the water managed to cut through Grether‘s skin.

The 71 year-old Edwin J. Heatherly has been sentenced to 6 months and jail and charged with felonious attack. He also has to pay for his neighbour’s medical bills which account for $ 43,000.

The attack left his neighbour, Kenneth Grether, seriously injured with cuts on his hands, arms, chin, neck and behind his ear. When the police arrived, after Grether’s wife called them, they found Kenneth Grether in a pool of blood.



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