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Man arrested for killing ex-girlfriend’s parrot with a fork

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WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES – A 63 year-old man has been arrested for killing his ex-girlfriend’s parrot with a fork. Richard J. Atkinson received a 6 month sentence. The man was at his ex-girlfriend’s house when all of a sudden he stabbed her parrot to death with a fork; following the man trashed the house.

The attack took place on 19th August, now Atkinson has pleaded guilty to “animal cruelty and domestic-violence malicious mischief”. His ex-girlfriend said she had owned Bailey, the parrot, for 18 years. Atkinson will have to undergo a psychiatric evaluation following the declaration of his lawyer, William Steffener, who claimed that his client does not remember anything and his rage is due to the intake of a mix of anti-anxiety medication and whiskey.

Atkinson will not be able to own animals for five years and he has to repay for the parrot destroyed belongings.

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