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Jodie Marsh defends Kelly Brook over Katie Price’s insults

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LONDON – Jodie Marsh decided to defend Kelly Brook over Katie Price‘s “heffer” comment.

Jodie Marsh expressed her anger in an interview to ZOO magazine talking about Katie Price‘s comments on Kelly Brook: “That was outrageous. Kelly’s a size 10, tops – she’s not anything like overweight. I’ve met her – she’s tiny!”

Jodie Marsh kept defending Kelly Brook saying: “That’s not a healthy thing for young girls to be hearing. Someone needs to shut Katie up, or at least gag her. And not in a sexual way that she might enjoy! Shut up, love! No-one’s interested in what you have to say…When was the last time Katie Price modelled for a men’s magazine? A hundred years ago? Don’t you dare diss Kelly! Me and my muscles have Kelly Brook’s back all day long…!”


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