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Hypno Boob Job: how to gain 3 cup sizes without breast implants (VIDEO)

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Felix Economakis is a psychologist and hypnotherapist who claims that can make a woman’s breasts bigger by three cup sizes just by making you think about it.

Felix Economakis claims that breasts enlargement is possible only by using brainpower. He claims that three sessions are needed for the best results. The treatment will cost you £900 for 3 cup sizes.

Ashley Weller, 26, tried out the treatment and said that it had a succesfull outcome and now she has bigger breasts. This is what she said: ‘I was by no means flat-chested but they were too small for my figure. I didn’t think they were in proportion to the rest of my body. It got me down a bit. I’ve always wanted bigger ones. I was thinking of having a boob job operation but it looks like I won’t be needing one now.’

Watch Felix in action below:

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