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DIY makes you feel more satisfied than buying stuff

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NEW YORK – Are you into DIYs? If so you know that feeling of satisfaction when you realised you had created something by yourself without buying it.

If not from scratch even just assembling IKEA furniture will make you feel better and proud of yourself. This is what the Psychology Today’s reported:

“The act of building something, putting your own blood and sweat (and if we’re being honest, plenty of frustrated swearing) into a physical object, seems to imbue it with additional value above and beyond its inherent quality, which the researchers dub the “IKEA effect.” For instance, in one study, participants who built a simple IKEA storage box themselves were willing to pay much more for the box than a group of participants who merely inspected a fully built box. Participants in another study who constructed their own origami frogs and cranes valued them roughly five times as much as another group of participants thought they were worth. The increased value is not just about effort, but about completion, as built-then-disassembled and incomplete projects received no such benefit.”

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