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Amy Winehouse’s ex-boyfriend raped sleeping friend and kept her underwear

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LONDON – Amy Winehouse’s ex-boyfriend raper a sleeping friend and kept her underwear. Film director Reg Traviss is set to face two counts of rape after a drunken night out when he raped a sleeping woman at his flat and then told her: ” I always wanted to do this to you”.

The victim of the rape claims she woke up while he was having sex with her, and then he insisted in keeping her underwear. The victim then claimed she passed out again thinking it was a bad dream and woke up later one with him raping her again and say: ” I always wanted to do this to you”.

This is what Miss Lumsdon said opening the case: ‘This case is about a young woman who got very drunk and was taken home by her friend, who is this defendant. She will say she awoke to find him having sex with her, she was sleeping and she had not been conscious.
‘She said she would not have consented to sex even if she had been conscious. The defendant is a film director and he was the gentleman who was going out with Amy Winehouse at the time she sadly died. The complainant is a lady who is Russian but speaks very good English.’


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