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Lots of protesters in military rule in Egypt

CAIRO – It has been reported that Egypt’s Islamist and secular forces sought to relaunch the street uprising against Egypt’s ruling military Friday, packing Cairo’s Tahrir Square with tens of thousands of protesters in the biggest rally in months and accusing the generals of manipulating upcoming presidential elections to preserve their power. But attempts by [...]

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Injured sea lion now has a home in Utah

LOS ANGELES – It has a happy ending the story of the injured sea lion. It took a few months to treat a blind sea lion found injured on a Southern California Beach. It took two years to find Big Guy a home. Handlers at the Marine Mammal Care Center will drive the 700-plus-pound (300-plus-kilogram) [...]

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Woman drowned sons, charged with manslaughter

WETASKIWIN, Alberta – It has been reported that judge has found an Australian woman who drowned her two young sons in the family bathtub guilty of manslaughter. Allyson McConnell had been charged with second-degree murder, but Justice Michelle Crighton said Friday there wasn’t enough evidence that McConnell intended to kill the boys. McConnell admitted that [...]

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Mexico volcano is spewing rocks

XALITZINTLA, Mexico – Maybe the volcano in Mexico will erupt, but as of now it is spewing glowing rocks. It has been reported that A 17,886-foot (5,450-meter) volcano outside Mexico City exhaled dozens of towering plumes of ash and shot fragments of glowing rock down its slopes Friday morning, frightening the residents of surrounding villages [...]

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Jet crashed in Pakistan, 127 aboard

ISLAMABAD – It has been reported that a Pakistani passenger jet with 127 people on board crashed into wheat fields Friday as it was trying to land in a thunder storm at an airport near the capital Islamabad. Sobbing relatives of those on the flight flocked to the airport, and officials said there appeared to [...]

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