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Turtle smuggler arrested in L.A

LOS ANGELES – It has been reported that a man accused of smuggling dozens of live turtles and tortoises from Japan into the U.S. by hiding them in snack food boxes was sentenced Monday to nearly two years in prison. Atsushi Yamagami was given 21 months and ordered to pay more than $18,000 in fines [...]

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Coca-Cola denied all Monster acquisition rumors

NEW YORK – It has been reported that Monster Beverage Corp.’s shares soared on Monday following a report that Coca-Cola Co. was considering buying the energy drink maker, but the world’s biggest soft drink maker later denied the discussions are under way. The Wall Street Journal cited unnamed people in reporting that Coca-Cola was in [...]

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Thomas 'Amarillo Slim' Preston died

AMARILLO, Texas – It has been reported that Thomas Austin “Amarillo Slim” Preston Jr., a poker champion whose brash style, fast talking and love of the spotlight helped broaden the professional game’s appeal and made him one of its most recognizable characters, has died. Preston’s son, Bunky Preston, said he died Sunday of colon cancer [...]

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Tiger will only reply to fans questions

JACKSONVILLE, Florida – It has been reported hat the only questions Tiger Woods is fielding before his next tournament are from his fans. Instead of a news conference before this week’s Wells Fargo Championship, Woods answered 19 questions that were submitted through Facebook and Twitter. Among the questions: Does he think he has a good [...]

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Harvard instructor caught hiding weed in her underwear in Bermuda

HAMILTON, Bermuda – It has been reported that a Bermuda judge has released a Harvard instructor who was caught with weed at the U.K. territory’s airport. Mey Akashah teaches environmental health at the Harvard School of Public Health. On Monday, the Boston resident admitted bringing 6 grams (0.21 ounce) of pot into Bermuda for a [...]

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Man dumps dentist girlfriend, she pulled all his teeth out (new girlfriend leaves him due to his mouth)

NEW YORK – Indeed it has been a tough revenge, this is a story that is from Poland, the characters are a 34 year-old woman who is a dentist and currently risks the jail and her ex boyfriend 45 years old. Her ex boyfriend dumped her for another woman, a few days later he had [...]

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