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Woman undergoes 10 plastic surgeries to look like a Anime Girl

OSAKA, JAPAN – Jacqueline Koh, a 29 year-old fashion designer underwent 10 plastic surgeries to get the Anime girl look. She wanted sparkling eyes, small chin and nose, slim face and large breasts. She started to want to changer her appearence when she put on 6 kg  in a year without having changed her diet. [...]

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Huge-breasted model saved his life thanks to her 38KKK boobs

NEW YORK – Sheyla Hershey, 32, managed to survive a car accident after she crashed with her car, because her 38KKK chest acted as airbag. She was driving home close to Houston, Texas, when she crashed into a tree. After the incident she got charged with drunk- driving, plus she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. This [...]

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Boy only can eat nine foods

LONDON – A 6-year-old boy, Jayden Clarke, can only eat nine foods after he has been diagnosed with a rare allergic condition. Jayden has had a lot of issues, which worried his parents Rob and Nicky, his stomach was ofter bloated and he has dry skin, he even suffered bleeding from his bowel. Though after [...]

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Woman ate over 4,000 sponges and 100 soap bars

LONDON –  Kerry Trebilcock, 21, has a rare disorder called Pica, which causes craves for non-food items, and this is what led her to eat 4,000 sponges and over 100 bars of soaps. Kerry’s eating habits changed after a holiday in Morocco in 2008, where she got infected by hookworm, a parasite that lives in [...]

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“News media should back up reports in Venezuela”

CARACAS, Venezuela – A court in Venezuela orders that the country’s news media must back up any reports on the subject with hard data. The court order announced Thursday was condemned by a group of Venezuelan journalists and news media union leaders who called it a violation of free speech. The Prosecutor General’s Office said [...]

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Hilary Duff new mom: a boy with Mike Comrie

LOS ANGELES -Hilary Duff, 24-year-old actress, announced the birth of her son on her website and Twitter feed Thursday. Duff writes that she and husband Mike Comrie welcomed son Luca Cruz Comrie on Tuesday night. He weighed in at 7 pounds, 6 ounces (3.35 kilograms)and is the first child for the couple, who married in [...]

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Mexico. Pope visit sites blocked by Anonymous

MEXICO CITY – The hacker group Anonymous in Mexico crashed at least two of the websites for Pope Benedict XVI’s upcoming visit to Mexico on Thursday, claiming the papal visit is a political move to support the conservative National Action party. Samuel Najera, spokesman for the Mexican Episcopal Conference, said its web page on the [...]

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Facebook buys patents from IBM

MENLO PARK, California – As Associated Press reports, Facebook has acquired patents from IBM as it girds itself for litigation, including a lawsuit by Yahoo. A company spokesman on Thursday confirmed the purchase but did not provide details. Earlier, Bloomberg News said Facebook acquired 750 patents covering technologies dealing with software and networking. It cited [...]

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Tulis Constostavlos

Online rumours claim Tulisa’s sex tape was a stunt

LONDON, England – X Factor judge Tulisa Constostavlos‘s new single has sparked rumors on the online community that her sex tape with her ex-boyfriend Justin Edwards is a fake.  The video allegedly shows the couple in an intimate moment but it is claimed that Constostavlos may have eleborated the ploy ‘to boost her profile’ ahead [...]

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